Courage and Joy at Work
Courage and Joy at Work
Break Free of Business as Usual for Women with a Business Discover how to transform how you lead, by transforming how you're being

Ready to Transform How You Lead Your Business?


If you’re a woman with a business or full private practice, you may be sick and tired of:

Overworking: You find yourself staying later than everyone else, and can’t take days off without your business being negatively impacted. Your team members get annoyed when you’re not there to bring in the revenue.

Overthinking: The voice in your head is LOUD. It’s telling you things could be better, like all the women you’re comparing yourself to, and not like this.

Overcomplicating: Self-doubt is your companion. You WANT to make some moves in your business, but then second guess that you’re not making the right choice (there are so many options!). You question and doubt yourself over and over, worrying about making the “best” choice based on what everyone else is saying, ultimately not making any changes at all, or spending money on resources you never use.

If you can relate, you’re in the right place.

I’ve met countless successful women who are earning well, but seem stuck between two places:

  1. Desperately wanting to be a courageous and fearless leader who exudes confidence and joy, but are instead stuck wondering what is wrong with them and how they’re failing as business owners, envying “other” successful women who seem to have it all, or

  2. Secretly wishing they were just an employee because owning and running a business is not what they expected and they want out.


It’s not your fault.

If you’re like me and my clients, I bet you’ve been trying to force something that doesn’t feel natural.

You see, we’ve been trained as women in business to adapt to an old mindset not designed for, or by, women.

It’s the mindset of more more more, metrics define who and what you are, be all things to all people, joy and happiness have to be earned and are not a birth-right, ultimately forcing you to accept an illusion that you need to “have it all,” and joy does not and should not exist in work.

I fell for it all, too.

I chased all the same high-achieving ideals and mindsets, thinking this is what success was about. Only to feel more lifeless when I got “there,” abandoning and ignoring all of my desires along the way, finally hitting the proverbial bottom.

So how did you get here?

I’m going to guess that you’ve been…

  1. using metrics GIVEN to you, not CHOSEN by you to measure your success and

  2. comparing yourself to everyone else in your industry thinking they know more or better and choose to copy what they are doing, or

  3. feeling so overwhelmed with compare and despair that you take no action at all, and sit on the sidelines watching your life and business pass you by while your confidence dwindles.


Good news.

There IS a way out!

  • Imagine redesigning your business to work in alignment with your purpose, your lifestyle, your desires, your version of success (and not what “they” think success is).

  • Imagine not feeling like the business is sucking the life out of you, or measuring your worth by what’s in your bank account or what other people are doing.

  • Imagine enjoying your time with your kids and family, and not snapping at them because you’re so stressed out and “trying to do it all.”

  • Imagine experiencing JOY at work and having the COURAGE to do it.


Hi, I’m Brandi Molitor and I am committed to helping you unleash your COURAGE and experience JOY at work.

I worked in high-level private practice management for dentists, veterinarians and other busy, booming service businesses.

As a business management and leadership consultant for 10 years, I noticed a unique phenomenon and recurring theme with my female clients: the pain, the overwhelm, the frustrations, and ultimately the confusion and desperate desire to do what’s best, only to find themselves back in the same cycle of overworking, overthinking and grossly under enjoying their life and work, being robbed of joy, and losing the courage to create a life they love.

Of course, no one could see this but me, as I was one of the few people who they let into their real world.

On the outside, they looked like the extraordinary achievers.
But on the inside, they were secretly miserable.


You don’t have to chuck your business, fire everyone, and move to the countryside.

Nor do you have to take drastic measures or somehow find a “safe, secure” job working for someone else.

No, I promise you, with guidance on unleashing your courage through the right support and the right action steps, you can learn how to elevate everything that depletes you in business, by simply becoming a different kind of leader and creating a different relationship with your business, and ultimately experiencing joy and freedom.


 Stop the cycle of overworking, overthinking, and overcomplicating your business.

And find peace, joy, AND profit!

You can become the kind of leader that comes to terms with what she really wants, faces her feelings and turns her anxieties into clear next steps that ultimately molds your business around YOU: Your desires, your values, your milestones, your metrics, your wins, your family and more.

If you’re serious about finding a way to redesign your business to not only solve the nagging issues that keep you up at night, but also discover how you can elevate EVERYTHING by elevating who you are being, then we should talk.