Courage and Joy at Work
Courage and Joy at Work
Break Free of Business as Usual for Women with a Business Discover how to transform how you lead, by transforming how you're being

Hi, I’m Brandi.

A little about what I do…

I’ve been an executive level business and health coach for the last decade. I mentor entrepreneurs to redesign their businesses and operations by transforming their leadership skills, boundaries, and leadership style, guiding them through the inner work most don’t know is so critical to running a successful business and life.

My journey began as a health and wellness advocate and educator for women. I believe wholeheartedly that education around what we feed our mind, body, and spirit has a direct correlation to our life’s experience. I then transitioned in to the world of business as a successful business consultant to booming private practices in dentistry, veterinary medicine, and other team-based organizations.

The more I coached at this high level, the more I realized how many people who are leaders of organizations were suffering. These leaders have a direct impact on the lives of others through their business and their expected leadership, and their suffering was transcending down in to their team members’ lives, and ultimately hurting their businesses.


Employees, team members, and clients look to their leaders as having something they don’t, and expect a leader to lead in a healthy way – after all; they OWN the business, right?

But what I’ve seen more times than not, are leaders struggling to find balance and peace and even understand how leadership is supposed to work.

They end up in these messes of organizations and a lot of pain ensues. I ultimately wanted to take the same approach one would to finding harmony and alignment with their health, to the health of a business. It is all the same.


Over the last several years, I started to recognize a more pressing issue among my female clients: the disconnect between their personal desires and true inner wisdom, and the demands of an out-dated business mindset and design.

This led to my clients experiencing frustration, despair, feeling lost, and ultimately question whether they should even be in business. They experienced no joy, felt they didn’t deserve it and were terrified of it, and lost the courage to create it.

Naturally, I was witnessing this in myself. I chased big lofty dreams that weren’t my own, trying to find fulfillment based off someone else’s image of success. I wasn’t clear on what I truly desired, and what “success” even meant to me. I wound up feeling lifeless.

The catch is most of these women, like myself, can be the most powerful business owners and leaders if given the permission to design their own rules for success, and feeling safe enough to tap in to their inner guide for how to lead their life and business on their own terms. It’s essentially breaking down the old belief systems we’ve all been taking on as “truth” and creating a new way to be, and experience life.

Often the primary issue is that most of these women are trapped in the space of trying to find a solution to their problems while still in the mindset their problem was created in. It’s almost impossible to see options and a new way of leading and being in business when what we see is what we’ve always known. That’s where I come in.


My commitment is to bridge that gap, and show women business owners how to redesign their business to match their own rules for success.

I guide successful (but secretly miserable) women leaders to feel safe and courageous enough to tap into their inner guide for how to lead their life and business on their own terms, ultimately experiencing joy and freedom.

I work with high-performing women who are dedicated to their success in both their personal and professional lives. 

 What makes my clients unique is that they want to do business differently.

  • They are tired, bored, and fed up with “business as usual” and ready to face the truth that there’s a need for deeper change.

  • They are tired of signing up for consultant after consultant or going to this seminar or that seminar to teach their office how to be more profitable, how to have a happier team, and how to be on the cutting edge of their industry, only to end up in the same situation with their business, yet again, and do the cycle all over again.

  • Or, worse yet, see results in their business, but still feel deflated and exhausted on the inside asking themselves “why?” and wondering if they should stay in business.

  • They experience a sinking feeling after following the standard protocol of investing in practice management consultants, marketing pro’s, leadership advisors, cutting edge technology, team-building exercises, communication courses, and financial advisors, because they still, somehow, feel like they are not “enough,” their business isn’t “enough,” and between their business and how they feel is incongruent.


The women I work best with, and what I expect from you, are those that are:

  • Ready, willing, and able to invest in themselves and their businesses, and are open to do the deep, inner work that is required of them to break free of “business as usual.”

  • Motivated to get their desired results; they are tired of repeating the same behaviors over and over and are ready for a new way of operating that brings peace of mind and continued prosperity.

  • Courageous. Putting your breakthroughs in to action requires courage. You may need to take new things on, and may need to drop things you thought you HAD to have. That takes a willingness to tap in to that inner courage.

  • Committed with time, energy, and resources. This is a priority, and you’ll want to do the work like your life and business depend on it, because they do.

  • Open-minded to new ideas and strategies. If you’re looking for me to validate the same philosophies you’ve been entertaining for years, this isn’t the place. You will be called and supported to upgrade your perspective and ways of leading your business in order to create better results with a greater sense of ease, flow and connection.


My program will not work for someone who isn’t willing to do the work, dig deep, and truly want change.

This program is for someone who’s willing to step in to the unknown and have the courage to make changes.

It’s also not a quick-fix program.

Like all things that matter, it will take some time and effort, and as long as there is willingness, the experience will be transformational with results. 


What is my 6 Step Signature System?

I believe that the first and essential step in this process is allowing yourself the freedom to dismantle the business as usual paradigm, and recognize your desires.

From there, the program dives in to 6 areas for transforming how you lead your business and ultimately, your life.

Depending on where you are starting from, your customized plan will either focus on all 6 pillars, or only one or two.

For more detailed information, see my style and approach




How am I different from other business coaches?

Most business coaches focus on the framework of a business, based on the same principles that have been passed down for generations from male-dominated industries AND business parameters.

My approach focuses on the new paradigm – tapping in to female-based leadership, giving permission to harness the inner wisdom and guide women have, that’s been quieted for far too long. 

The work is a combination of alignment, encompassing one’s whole self, and actually giving freedom to design a business around just that, and to be successful in business and in life, all while experiencing joy.


Does this really work?

If you are willing to do the work, YES!
You are a big factor in the results.

Check out some women I’ve worked with who were willing to be courageous.


What results can I expect?

You will feel more connected to YOUR truth than ever before. 
Lighter. Liberated. Clear. Grounded. Decluttered.

You’ll become more familiar with the way you want to feel, and your decisions will be far easier. Questioning whether to buy this piece of equipment or not, or whether to keep that employee or not, or even whether to eat a certain meal or not, won’t be questions at all. Your actions will follow your clarity.


What are my options for getting started with you?

I offer a limited amount of private telephone “Feel Joy and Courage at Work” coaching sessions. 

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