Courage and Joy at Work
Courage and Joy at Work
Break Free of Business as Usual for Women with a Business Discover how to transform how you lead, by transforming how you're being

Are you ready to channel your courage and create joy at work?


You’re a female boss. You’ve done the work. You put in the hours. You endured the stress. You spent the money. You invested in the education.

You hired the top consultants, bought the best equipment, believed in the marketing experts, and hired A-game employees who promised you they’d turn things around in your office

(and never did).

So how is it, that after working so hard and following all the advice around you, you STILL feel unhappy, and you just can’t seem to understand why?

How is it, that you’re endlessly working harder than you ever have, and the same problems keep showing up time and time again? Why is it, you feel guilty about taking time off and slowly watch your closest relationships suffer, especially with your kids?

People think you have it all together – that’s how it looks on the outside. But you’re hiding the truth on the inside, and it feels like it’s slowly killing you.

Whether it’s recurring issues within your business, or in your personal life or both, I promise there’s a reason why you’re feeling this way and there’s a way out.


That’s Why I’m Here to Help. 

I’ve been coaching high-achieving women entrepreneurs for 10 years as a practice management consultant in the highly competitive world of dental, medical and veterinary fields. What I noticed, was the “success” metrics that all of the women I consulted with were measuring themselves with, were based off an outdated, stifling, patriarchal lifestyle and business model. 

The result: Their feelings of success ended up fleeting. They could never fully integrate their accomplishments because 1) they weren’t the ones who decided these “accomplishments” meant success and 2) after years of “doing what was right” according to “how things should be” they didn’t know what they actually wanted.

And you know what? I did it all, and felt for it all, too. I chased the degrees and accomplishments and accolades and climbed all the ladders I could. I couldn’t understand why after “chasing the dream” and working harder than I ever had, “earning” all this stuff and fancy job titles, I felt even emptier inside, confused, wanting to numb out and crash on the evenings and weekends, and didn’t enjoy life.

Everyone was congratulating me and acknowledging all the growth and achievements I had. Inside, I felt like a fraud. I knew what was on the outside did NOT match what I was feeling on the inside. I felt alone, defeated, depressed, angry, confused, and hurt. I didn’t even like the clothes I was wearing or how I was styling my hair!

The biggest realization? I had been chasing after what other’s told me was the right way to do things and what was “best for me” and “needed to be done” and it turns out, I lost myself along the way.

I ultimately broke free of this prison of self-limitation, did the work to untangle myself, and now I want to help you do the same. 

I decided to shift away from only helping you “manage your practice” and provide the missing pieces to practice leadership, available for a few badass women who are ready to redesign their practice and leadership with alignment and clear purpose.

And hey, all of this? It’s not my, or your, fault. You, like me, and most of us, inherited this old paradigm of business and leadership “as usual.” The industry you’re in also hasn’t caught up, especially in the fields of medical, dental, and veterinary. Sure there are lots of female entrepreneurs adopting this new way of operating in a slightly more liberating structure, but it can be quite challenging to break free from the pack when your specific industry is so entrenched in an antiquated mindset. Also if you’ve been trying to prove that you can hang with the “boys club” mentality, you can unintentionally quiet your female knowing, intuition, and ultimately alienate yourself from your true self.


Times have changed.

Women’s needs have changed.

Business as usual has changed.


I am COMMITTED to helping you break free of the old paradigm that has you stuck in a rut, and experience the joy and freedom and confidence you never knew were possible, and allow yourself to:

feel courageous and experience joy at work (and in life)!


I’ll Personally Guide You Through My Signature System.

My work dives in to 6 areas for transforming how you lead your business and ultimately, your life. Depending on where you are starting from, your customized plan will either focus on all 6 pillars, or only one or two.

1.    BOUNDARIES: We’ll upgrade your boundaries and learn how to break free of other people’s drama that you may be unintentionally taking into your own life and business. This will eliminate your energy drains.  

2.    DECISIONS: By understanding your mind and how it works you’ll discover how to stop letting fears run the show and start making decisions that align with your vision, purpose and yes, even your moral code. This is the antidote to fear and leading your business by whatever everyone else is doing. You’ll finally be able to be yourself, and not feel scared about it.

3.    EMOTIONS: Running from feelings can drive you to overwork, overeat and other disempowering habits. By learning how to process and generate emotions that fuel your future, you won’t be afraid of what you feel. This will make you feel incredibly powerful. 

4.    CHALLENGES: Once we’ve addressed some of the baseline of how you operate, we can begin eliminating your business challenges and go beyond leading by putting out fires. Your team members will actually start to feel more like a team, and you won’t be stuck second-guessing yourself all the time.

5.    HABITS: How you care for yourself can make you feel calm, clear and alert, or fearful, worried and anxious. To navigate tough situations with courage, tenacity, and wisdom, we’ll need to ensure your self-care habits are strong enough to hold up your big vision.

6.    PASSION: Cultivating your passions and living on your own terms is something to fuel and nurture in your life. This helps you stay connected to what version of success is right for YOU, vs walking blindly in to a future someone else designed for you. With all the work you’ve done up to this point, you’ll finally design YOUR future of success and what that means and feels like to YOU.

All of this is based off of Your design. Your formula. Your rules. Your version of success.