Courage and Joy at Work
Courage and Joy at Work
Break Free of Business as Usual for Women with a Business Discover how to transform how you lead, by transforming how you're being

Getting Started


Here’s the first step toward authentic and aligned leadership, and Experiencing Courage and Joy at Work. 

Schedule a Courage and Joy at Work Breakthrough Session with me, and in this private telephone session together we’ll:

  • Uncover your starting point: where you have your biggest blocks around your deepest desires. Many women I speak with aren’t even aware of what they are yearning for the most, trapping their truth under the surface.

  • We will clarify those desires, creating language to articulate what you’ve been so terrified to say out loud.

  • Assess what may be missing from realizing your desires, based on my 6 pillars of leadership reinvention for feeling good at work again.

  • If I think I can help, I’ll outline a customized plan, just for you, to fulfill those desires in your work and it’s impact on your personal life. This will help you really see and understand the direction we’d move in. 

  • And finally, if it makes sense, and you would like my continued support and guidance on absolutely getting you to where you want to go, then we’ll also talk about the possibility of working together.

    This call is our first session of working together, where courage makers come to life.

My gift to you: Normally I charge $397 for these types of sessions, but this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can indeed be of help to you, and making sure I am the right coach for you. I only have a few openings each month, so let’s see if we’re a match.


To get started: Please choose a time and fill out the questionnaire that will help me determine if we’d be a good match for this first appointment and the possibility of working together. You will receive a response within 48 hours to schedule this free breakthrough session.